Designing, building and maintaining sustainable transport infrastructure from our local roots, around the world

The Colas Group is active in all trades related to the construction and maintenance of roads and any other form of transport infrastructure or urban development.

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Connecting communities and fostering exchanges for the world of today and tomorrow

Colas offers careers in each of its lines of business (Roads, Railways, Road Equipment, Pipelines, Building & Civil Engineering), allowing people the opportunity to flourish and express their potential.

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Responsible commitment

Environmental, social and societal challenges commit us, today and tomorrow and yet they are also a source of new opportunities.

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As a response to an increasing need to share public space, Colas has imagined a new solution to optimize infrastructure and guide mobility.

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Linking the road and art, two worlds where travel beckons

Founded in the early 1990s, the Colas Foundation seeks to promote works of art in the fields of painting.

Our values

Through their professionalism and deep-rooted commitment, the people at Colas have paved the way to the Group’s success day in and day out.

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R&D at the heart of our businesses

The task of the R&D teams in the Colas Group is to meet the current and future needs of customers, users and those working in the field

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