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    After supporting the contemporary art world for some 30 years, the Colas Foundation has decided to shift its focus to important societal issues and to act in favor of education, as well as social and professional integration, universal themes that are deeply rooted in Colas' DNA. 

    Promoting the social and professional integration of young people

    Fondation Colas - Madagascar

    The Colas Foundation believes in equal opportunities and in the need to provide everyone - from a very early age - with the resources they need to grow, be independent and build a future.    

    This is why the Foundation supports and accompanies initiatives across the Colas map, promoting the social and professional integration of children and young people through education, training and access to employment up to the age of 30, as well as economic activity, sports and culture. By drawing upon the Group's local roots to support useful projects that are tailormade to fit with the reality of each community, the Colas Foundation aims to encourage action as close as possible to where needs are actually felt. 

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    Continuing our actions in the field of urban art

    Usine de Bonneuil sur Marne

    The Foundation is also continuing its urban art program in the Group's industrial facilities. It invites artists to create works on the Group's production and operating facilities that have high visibility in the urban landscape.

    Several projects have already seen the light of day, such as the Servant Concrete Plant in Villeneuve-les-Béziers transformed into a "Concrete Cathedral" by Breton artist BREZ, the three silos at the SPME site in Bonneuil-sur-Marne magnified by Marseille artist ALFE, or the monumental fresco created by the Monkeybird collective at the Mérignac plant.

    These artistic projects offer a new life to a community with young talents, who are reinventing the codes and creating a link in the city.

    Lastly, the Foundation is maintaining a collection of 400 paintings exhibited in Colas premises around the world.