Since its creation in the early 1990s, the Colas Foundation has promoted contemporary painting by commissioning artists to create canvases for its collection and, today, urban art frescoes for the Colas Group's industrial sites. Faced with the growing importance of societal issues in all regions, the Foundation is currently changing its positioning.

    A collection of contemporary art on the theme of the road

    In its 30 years of existence, the Foundation has commissioned nearly 400 paintings from contemporary artists on the theme of the road. The road is indeed an invitation to travel, to meet people and gives multiple pictorial interpretations, depending on the sensitivity and style of the artists. 

    This collection magnifies the work of the men and women of the Colas Group, while uniting them around shared cultural values. The works of art travel to all five continents, at the request of subsidiaries, establishments, plants or any other site of the company. This mobility of the collection contributes to strengthening cohesion, identity and pride in belonging to the company.

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    Urban artwork on Colas sites

    In 2018, in response to urbanization issues, the Foundation launched an urban art program. The Foundation invites artists to create works on the Group's production and operating facilities that have high visibility in the urban landscape.

    Several projects have already seen the light of day, such as the Servant Concrete Plant in Villeneuve-les-Béziers transformed into a "Concrete Cathedral" by Breton artist BREZ, the three silos at the SPME site in Bonneuil-sur-Marne magnified by Marseille artist ALFE, or the monumental fresco created by the Monkeybird collective at the Mérignac plant.

    These artistic projects offer a new life to a community with young talents, who are reinventing the codes and creating a link in the city.

    New missions to come

    Today, in order to take into account the growing importance of social concerns and to give a more international dimension to its actions, the Colas Foundation wishes to broaden its positioning to include new missions.

    See you in a few months to find out more!