Key financial information


    € million201920202021
    Change N/N-1+4%-9%+7%

    Current operating profit

    Operating profit
    € million201920202021
    Current operating profit433254440
    Change N/N-1+60-179+186

    Net profit attributable to the Group

    Net profit attributable to the Group
    € million201920202021
    Net profit attributable to the Group26194261
    Change N/N-1+34-167+167

    Net cash /(Net debt)

    Net cash
    € million201920202021
    Net cash (Net debt)(367)(7)(33)
    Change N/N-1-108+360-26

    Dividend per share for fiscal year

    dividend per share
    € per share201920202021
    dividend per share6.402.906.85
    Change N/N-1+15.3%-45.3%+136.2%

    The Colas share

    To take into consideration the payment of a special dividend of 11.40 euros per share, the quoted market price and traded volume were adjusted for the period prior to April 27, 2015. The adjustment amounts to the last closing price prior to the payment of the special dividend (148.20 euros, equal to 159.60 euros, minus 11.40 euros) divided by the closing price prior to payment (159.60 euros). The resulting coefficient was rounded out to 0.9286. The quoted market price is multiplied by the coefficient, while the traded volume is divided by the same coefficient.

    Share information

    Listing marketEuronext Paris, Compartment A

    Nominal share value: 1,50 euro

    ISIN Code: FR 0000121634

    Average daily volumes in 2018: 1 310 titres

    Continuous market eligible for deferred settlement service (SRD)

    ID codes:  Reuters : COLP.PA
      Bloomberg : RE.FP

    Share price

    Colas share price
    Closing proce in euros on31/12/201931/12/202031/12/2021
    Colas share price140.80123.50126.50


    Shareholders' base

    Simplified consolidated statements for 2021