Development strategy

    Colas’ development strategy is based on four cornerstones: 

    Carrière - Pologne

    Industrial activites

    Capitalize on industrial activities, in particular quarries and bitumen, in a way that is responsible and sustainable on social, environmental and societal levels, in order to control availability and procurement quality and improve the Group’s competitive edge;

    Siège social colas Rail Vietnam

    International growth

    Continue to focus on targeted international growth, mainly through external growth in low-risk countries, to establish and develop leadership positions in local markets and spread risk through geographical diversification; 


    Low carbon solutions

    Develop and implement low carbon solutions, in production methods (energy savings, recycling, hydrogen, teleworking, etc.) and in offers for customers and users (contractual, technical, digital solutions);

    Digital transformation

    Adapt Colas to a post-Covid world, in particular by accelerating the digital transformation in processes, industries and new business segments, in order to improve the quality of services, competitiveness, and offer new services.

    Climate strategy

    Enrobés résistant aux hydrocarbures - Canada

    Faced with the challenges of climate change, Colas is committed to decarbonizing its activities. Colas has set itself an ambitious target, compatible with the Paris Agreement: reduce its direct greenhouse gas emissions by 30% (Scopes 1 and 2) and its indirect upstream emissions by 30% (Scope 3a) compared to the reference year 2019. This target is based on estimates of CO2 savings resulting from the implementation of actions described in a roadmap. 

    Wattway Perpignan

    Climate issues

    Integrating climate issues into the strategy (new business segments based on renewable energy offers, employee awareness and training); 

    Parc éolien - côte d'or

    Energy efficiency

    Improving energy efficiency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions linked to the direct energy consumption of asphalt plants, machines and vehicles (monitoring, renewable energies, low carbon solutions); 

    Hongrie M35 autoroute

    Low carbon products and solutions

    Develop and promote low carbon products, techniques and solutions (purchase of low-carbon cement and binders, production of low-carbon concrete, biosourced materials, warm and cold mixes, in-place recycling);

    voie cyclable Lumicol - Saclay

    Reduction of emissions

    Contributing to carbon neutrality and the reduction of emissions from customers and users (innovative, sustainable mobility and flow management services, optimizing infrastructure uses, carbon capture and storage).

    Our strengths

    Marquage route - Canada

    Colas benefits from long-term growth markets around the world. These markets are driven by population growth, urbanization, substantial demand for infrastructure in emerging countries, recurring needs for infrastructure maintenance in developed countries, environmental issues, the development of new forms of mobility and the digital revolution. Colas’ main strengths are as follows:

    Libreville - Gabon

    Collective global expertise

    Thanks to the 58,000  men and women who work at Colas, united around a common history and shared values (Caring, Sharing, Daring) and a renowned brand name  

    R&D center - Bangkok

    Capacity for innovation

    In particular with its Campus for Science and Techniques, which designs and develops products and techniques addressing the challenges of energy transition and new uses, as well as “Mobility by Colas” in the area of digital transformation, supporting mobility services by developing digital technology for new uses and services;

    Carrière - Canada

    Vertical integration

    With an international network of 3,000 construction materials production and recycling units (aggregates, bitumen emulsions, asphalt mix, etc.) and bitumen terminals, which give it control of the value chain at an upstream stage and in particular of its impact on the environment;

    Decentralized organization

    In the form of a network of 900 business units around the world, with long-standing local teams adapted to local requirements and carrying out small-scale maintenance and development work, which represent the majority of the more than 60,000 projects performed each year. In addition, a dedicated structure – Colas Projects – works alongside subsidiaries in designing and performing major projects;

    Solid financial structure

    With a strong cash flow enabling Colas to pursue its growth strategy by continuing to take advantage of targeted investment opportunities.