Our approach

    A skill-sharing patronage program focused on preserving heritage sites

    Aménagement Basilique Saint-Rémi - Reims

    Colas has a dedicated skills-sharing program, a blend of tradition and modernity, designed to: 

    • play a role in preserving France’s historical monuments, listed as World Heritage Sites,
    • highlight its skills, expertise, specific techniques, solutions to promote responsible development,
    • motivate the teams involved,
    • associate the Group’s name and image with prestigious references, ensuring high international visibility.
    Château Versailles

    In 2010, a first agreement with the National Estate of Versailles…

    On April 15, 2010, Colas signed a long-term skills-sharing agreement with the National Estate of Versailles to refurbish the most damaged, trafficked pathways on the Castle’s grounds.

    The work focused mainly on the esplanade around the Fountain of Apollo, the northern terrace, and the Royal Star.

    In its effort to protect the environment and the historical heritage of these sites, Colas specially designed a new product called Heliocol, in honor of the Sun King, Louis XIV. Composed of local aggregates from the Seine River valley, mixed with transparent binder, the beige surfacing, on which a layer of blond flint sand has been applied, preserves the historical texture and color of the pathways. Heliocol also provides longer lasting durability, and helps cut down on the dust raised by the millions of visitors from around the world who walk the Castle’s pathways every year.

    Domaine National de Chambord

    … followed in 2013 by a second skills-sharing agreement for the National Estate of Chambord

    In May 2013, Colas signed a similar long-term agreement with the National Estate of Chambord to restore the pathways around the Castle of Chambord.

    Priority was given to the Royal path and the Transverse path, as well as the English Garden.

    Colas applied the same process it used at the Versailles Castle, to stabilize the surface and keep dust to a minimum, without altering the visual appeal of the heritage site.

    Photo Mécénat Louvre

    …and a new partnership in 2023 with the Louvre Museum

    In the summer of 2023, Colas embarked on a brand-new skills-sharing patronage partnership, this time with the renowned Louvre Museum. The goal? To improve accessibility for visitors at the North and South Fer à Cheval ramps in the Jardin des Tuileries, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

    Colas renovated the ramps using a cement-bound gravel and a special, visually appealing Colstab surfacing, formulated from recycled materials, whose mechanical performance was designed to meet the specific requirements of the site, including the regular transit of heavy vehicles.

    This project is further proof of Colas' commitment to safeguarding our heritage and creating meaningful connections between the worlds of business and culture.