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Who we are

We are a global leader in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure, opening the way to tomorrow’s innovative, sustainable mobility.

Our mission

Designing, building and maintaining sustainable transport infrastructure from our local roots, around the world.

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Imagining mobility solutions means giving people what they need to connect and pave the way forward. Transport infrastructure has a role to play at the heart of every community, helping it rise to both local and global challenges.

Wherever we work, we always listen to the needs and expectations of our customers, users, partners, and stakeholders. Colas uses its expertise and skills to innovate, image and build efficient and responsible infrastructures.

Our action

Connecting communities and fostering exchanges for the world of today and tomorrow. 

Transport is about more than just getting from point A to point B. Transport infrastructure is the bond that connects people and communities. Roads, streets, railways, seaports and airports are the primary social networks in today’s modern world. Since it was founded, Colas has been building and maintaining transport infrastructure, fostering human connections, cultural exchanges and economic activity in communities around the world.

Our ambition

Being the world leader in innovative, sustainable mobility solutions.

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Improving mobility requires a relentless, on-going focus on innovation. One of the great challenges of the world today lies in inventing new mobility solutions that meet the expectations and requirements of stakeholders, users and customers alike. As a world leader, our pioneering spirit and our innovative drive allow us to explore every avenue of sustainable mobility for the future. We are gradually positioning ourselves as an integrator of global sustainable mobility solutions, in anticipation of augmented-reality roads and sustainable cities. 

Our values



These three values have forged Colas’ identity and shaped us into who we are today. They take on their full meaning every day as our people do their jobs across the Group’s job sites and facilities.



At Colas, Caring is a fundamental value of our corporate culture. Whether it is self-care, care for employees, care for our customers and partners or care for the environment and society, we are driven by the same duty to care. This is why acting ethically and preserving the safety of those who work with us will always remain our priority.


means first and foremost setting an example, listening to others, creating the conditions to allow employees to express themselves freely and to grow.


means translating our commitments into strong actions in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR).


means doing everything we can to best meet the needs of our customers.



At Colas, we believe that multicultural diversity in terms of nationality, gender and thought, along with teamwork and cross-disciplinary bridges are a source of progress and new ideas.


is creating the optimal conditions for working as a team by promoting trust, responsibility and solidarity.


is encouraging the transmission of know-how between generations and putting one’s expertise at the service of the Group, its customers, partners and stakeholders.



Colas was born from an innovation. This pioneering mindset shaped our corporate culture and we are among those who are driven to move forward, to explore new horizons, to reinvent ourselves. This is why, at Colas, it is always be possible to launch ideas and initiatives that create value.


is encouraging initiative.


is about giving everyone the opportunity to tackle challenges.


is pushing back the boundaries of what is possible.

Our origin

Opening the way for over 90 years

Innovation is in our DNA. Colas was founded in 1929 to exploit the Cold Asphalt bitumen emulsion patent, which revolutionized road techniques. Over the decades, the Group has relentlessly fostered its pioneering spirit, and Colas has changed, widening its business ranges, expanding around the world, developing new products and processes. Because we still think and act like pioneers, we are able to ceaselessly design new offers and innovative solutions. Today, we continue to innovate to meet ever-growing, ever changing mobility needs and build the sustainable mobility of tomorrow. 

Key Figures

  • billion euros in revenue

  • countries around the world