Environmental and climate-related challenges and evolving uses present both constraints and opportunities for Colas. The Group is thus developing products and services geared toward sustainable development priorities. In doing so, it aims to develop solutions that anticipate changing uses and respond to environmental, climate-related and societal challenges.

    Parc éolien - Canada

    Developing products and services geared toward sustainable development priorities

    The products and services offered by Colas are constantly evolving to meet sustainable development needs and multiple stakeholder expectations. The Group focuses on the following throughout this process: 

    • Preserving resources (materials, energy, water, etc.)
    • Mitigating the impact of climate change through low-carbon solutions, traffic regulation systems, green mobility solutions, etc. 
    • Adapting to climate change (ecological engineering, urban heat islands, permeable paving, etc.) 

    Designing and promoting next-generation infrastructure

    Our longstanding expertise in infrastructure puts us in a leading position to design and promote next-generation infrastructure that is safe, sustainable, accessible, shared and connected, as well as the new features that it can offer. These new solutions will be accompanied by tools and expertise such as inspection and testing systems and BIM (a system for creating multidimensional, interoperable digital twins of structures under construction), backed up by partner ecosystems. Solutions span a number of areas, including sustainable infrastructure management (e.g. through performance contracts), local development in response to changing uses (e.g. traffic regulation) and new features offered by infrastructure.

    Involving stakeholders and promoting our CSR commitments in keeping with the global agenda of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

    Our aim at Colas is to build strong relationships with our stakeholders (including customers, engineering firms, investors, users and employees), working together with them to develop sustainable solutions within our ecosystem to make CSR a competitive advantage. The cornerstones of this approach are listening to customers’ and users’ expectations and promoting the Group’s CSR strategy among our customers and partners.



    Installing the Wattway Pack photovoltaic solution on a bike path in Grave (the Netherlands)