Mobility solutions for more cohesive, connected communities


    The first active road marking system

    Flowell - porte de sevres

    Created in 2017, Flowell is an active, scalable and modular light-emitting signaling system that aims to optimize urban space, traffic flows, safety and the coexistence of multiple forms of mobility. Flowell makes it possible to organize the shared space of roads and city streets thanks to a device based on dynamic control of light-emitting signaling. Installed on existing roads, Flowell offers a great degree of flexibility and adapts the infrastructure to the needs of both urban and rural communities in real time. Flowell streamlines traffic on existing roadways by giving priority to certain users over specific time periods.

    Flowell - Boussens

    For example, communities can improve the visibility of bicycle crossings to ensure the safety of cyclists, and turn parking spaces reserved in the daytime for deliveries into car parking spaces at night. They can also create temporary drop-off spaces around schools, and secure pedestrian crosswalks by enhancing their visibility and that of pedestrians with light-emitting markings. Several trial sites have been deployed to test the solution in real conditions. For example, in Mandelieu-la-Napoule on the French Riviera, an intersection known to be hazardous was equipped with the solution. Driver behaviors were studied before installing the Flowell solution and measurements have been conducted since. A marked change was observed, with calmer driving, greater awareness of risks, and thus enhanced safety for pedestrians.

    Mobility by Colas

    Infographie Mobility by Colas EN

    Preventive road infrastructure management and road safety

    Mobility by Colas currently works with local governments as an independent Mobility as a Service (MaaS) operator.

    The Moov’Hub integrated regional MaaS solution makes it possible to analyze usage patterns and to manage and organize mobility flows.


    Currently under development at the Paris-Saclay research campus, Moov’Hub is an integrated digital solution for mobility services created by Colas that covers a range of needs, from permitting the dynamic management of urban parking to making traffic run more smoothly and helping local governments address key priorities. The Paris-Saclay development authority is one of the organizations testing the implementation of this innovative sharing-based service that combines mobility concepts and digital technologies.

    The Park’in Saclay smartphone app lets users look for an available public or private parking space in real time, check each space’s specific features (fees, hours, electric charging options, etc.), get directions to a parking space that meets their needs, locate alternative mobility solutions in the event of traffic congestion, and pay for all the means of transportation involved in the trip right in the app. Moov’Hub is thus designed for local governments, giving them a tool for the regulation of public space, optimizing the management of unoccupied parking places and mobility flows in an urban environment.