Water and Energy transport

Water & Energy transport infrastructure helps improve daily life for communities and boosts their economic development as well. This business, operated by Spac, includes the laying and maintenance of pipes and pipelines for the transport of water and energy.

These activities are carried out mainly in France. Spac is pursuing its international development, most often by relying on local Colas companies.

Spac recorded revenue of €0.5 billion in 2023, i.e., 1% of the Group’s total revenue.


Spac and Water & Energy Networks

The Water & Energy Transport segment includes the laying and maintenance of pipes and pipelines for the transport of water and energy (oil, natural gas, electricity, heating, air conditioning), including the construction of turnkey gas compression stations, small-scale civil engineering work and industrial services.  

Spac operates across a range of activities, including: 

  • pipelines: construction and maintenance of high pressure distribution networks (pipelines, compression stations, pipeline equipment, associated civil engineering, under pressure drilling, etc.)
  • natural gas, electricity: construction and maintenance of networks
  • drinking water: construction and maintenance of networks for conveying drinking water from its source to distribution points (i.e., catchment and distribution)
  • drainage: construction and maintenance of sewerage and drainage networks 

Colas Environnement and the rehabilitation of polluted sites

Colas Environnement

Founded in 1981, Colas Environnement is the oldest pollution remediation company in France. Its teams provide tailormade solutions to all types of of pollution cleanup projects for soil and groundwater contamination, pollution control and relandscaping. Colas Environnement uses innovative techniques that are designed to suit each site and each polluting agent. It operates for both internal customers and outside industrial operators. 

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