Redeveloping a former oil depot

The redevelopment of industrial brownfields is on the increase, for both economic and environmental reasons. Re-integrating disused sites to expand cities or create additional green spaces, offices, and shops, means that they must be compatible with their new use. 

Colas Environnement, a subsidiary of the Colas Group specializing in the reconversion of brownfield sites, making them safe both from an environmental and a health viewpoint, carries out decontamination projects, restoring value to these sites while limiting the amount of artificial land.

Safe for health and the environment

In Cruseilles, France, in the Haute-Savoie region, Colas Environnement has completed the clean-up of a former oil depot. The soil, polluted with hydrocarbons after 56 years of operation, was completely treated by the teams, using processes including the biotertre technique, which consists of biologically treating soil collected in piles by adding drains and compost. After several months, 5,500 tons of soil could be reused as backfill. The rest of the soil was sent to an approved treatment facility. Now safe for the environment and for people’s health, the once contaminated site has become the ideal backdrop for a future residential area!