Today, cities around the world are reinventing themselves, a profound shift that is leading to new ways of thinking and building mobility.  To meet the new challenges, Colas expanded out into the Railways business, performed by Colas Rail, a Colas subsidiary founded by the merger of Seco-Rail acquired in 2000 and Spie-Rail, which joined the Group in 2007. A full-scale Railways division, reinforced in 2018 by the acquisition of Alpiq catenaries, enables the Group to offer sustainable mobility solutions, based on turnkey systems for rail infrastructures covering the entire life cycle: design, construction and maintenance.  

Colas Rail and its subsidiaries operate some 20 countries around the world, notably in France and the United Kingdom, as well as in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Canada, Chile, Panama, Egypt, Morocco, Philippines, and Singapore.
In 2022, revenue for the Railways segment amounted to €1.2 billion, i.e., 7% of the Group’s total revenue, of which over 2/3 is recorded outside of France. 

Full-scale division


The Railway business includes:

  • designing and engineering large, complex railway projects
  • building, renewing, maintaining rail networks (high-speed LGV lines, conventional lines, tramways, subways), in particular laying and maintenance of tracks, electrification (overhead lines, electrical substations), signaling and security systems, ventilation and fire detection and special projects (overhead cranes, private sidings, tunnels)

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