Deep roots in Cairo

Colas has taken part in the construction of the Cairo Metro from the very early days of the project, as a member of the consortium having won the contract for the creation of Line 1 in 1981. Completed in 1987, this line runs on a north-south axis for 44 kilometers and serves 33 stations. Colas Rail Egypt has been involved in all phases of this metro system project, from engineering to maintenance and including procurement, construction, testing and commissioning. As a consortium member, Colas Rail initially took charge of energy and electromechanical works packages. The energy part involves providing power to trains and auxiliaries both in stations and in the tunnels. With the New El Marg contract, won in 2016, the company added track and overhead line system activities.

Colas also installed the ventilation and air-conditioning systems at the stations as well as the smoke extraction system engaged in case of fire in the tunnels.
In 2016, Colas was selected for the project to extend Line 1 and upgrade the existing infrastructure. Colas Rail carried out track refurbishment and upgraded track equipment, built new tracks, replaced overhead lines, enlarged platforms at the New El Marg station, installed power supply systems and built station facilities. The final extension to Line 2, in which Colas Rail was also involved, was completed in 2005.

Good things come in threes

In 2007, Colas Rail was selected through an international competitive bidding process to build Line 3 of the Cairo Metro. This was a vital project for the Egyptian capital, still plagued by heavy and often chaotic traffic. Mostly underground, it crosses Cairo from east to west and serves 29 stations over a length of 30 kilometers. It can carry as many as 2 million passengers a day. Colas Rail installed the electromechanical equipment (air-conditioning and ventilation systems, smoke extraction systems, etc.) and power supply systems. 

A relationship built on trust

Colas Rail thus has more than 40 years of experience in Egypt, with a strong track record in energy and electromechanical works packages. With the turnkey project for the New El Marg extension to Line 1, further experience was acquired in track and overhead line work.
Today, Colas Rail Egypt has more than 170 management-level employees, four permanent logistics facilities (Ramses, Maasara, Tourah, New El Marg), and more than 400 local workers engaged on current projects.