World leader in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure

The Colas Group operates in all lines of business related to the construction and maintenance of roads and other forms of transport infrastructure (air, rail, maritime), urban development and recreational facilities, through two operating units: Roads, (including civil engineering and building)...

Your talents at the heart of our projects: join us

Colas offers careers in each of its lines of business (Roads, Railways, Road Equipment, Waterproofing, Pipelines, Building & Civil Engineering), allowing people the opportunity to flourish and express their potential.

Responsible commitment

The cornerstones on which Colas’ responsible development policy are built are twofold: first, the Group’s businesses endeavor to satisfy essential needs and aspirations (social cohesion, climate change, housing and transport needs, improved living environments, etc.). Second, this activity can and must be performed responsibly.

Colas signs an agreement to acquire the Miller and McAsphalt group in Canada

On 30 August 2017, Colas Canada signed a share purchase agreement in Toronto for the acquisition of 100% of the equity interest in the Miller and McAsphalt group.

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R&D at the heart of our businesses

The task of the R&D teams in the Colas Group is to meet the current and future needs of customers, users and those working in the field.

Linking the road and art, two worlds where travel beckons

Founded in the early 1990s, the Colas Foundation seeks to promote works of art in the fields of painting.


The Colas Group’s diversity and equal opportunity policy hinges on four main themes: social inclusion, disability, gender diversity and age management.

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Wattway, the Colas Solar Road

After 5 years of research, the Colas Campus for Science and Techniques, in a partnership with the French National Solar Energy Institute, has developed the first ever photovoltaic road surfacing: Wattway. Colas is paving the way to tomorrow’s energy.

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