Hervé Di Rosa

Born in Sète, France in 1959, Hervé Di Rosa lives and works in Lisbon. As the creator of Modest Art, he founded the International Museum of Modest Arts (MIAM) in 2000, where he exhibited artists from around the world. Since 1981, his work has been the subject of more than 200 solo exhibits and is part of major public and private collections in Europe, America and Asia.

How did you approach the Colas Foundation's commission?

Even though I have already worked on a commission basis, I am not very at ease with the idea, because there is always a risk that the client might be disappointed. It was different for the Colas Foundation. Roads, indeed, are one of the recurring themes of my work. More exactly, the road traveled by fantasmatic, delirious vehicles, which are more the mythology of roads than reality.

Your painting refers to the fantasy of comics and cinema. Is it an inspiration for you?

Tintin's cars, those of James Bond, big American cars, cartoon cars ... they have always fascinated me. When I was young, I traveled the mythical roads of the United States, like Route 66 or Route 1, from San Francisco to Los Angeles. In this painting, I placed characters that truly reflect my work, drawn from the animation series Les Renés, and I had them participate in a crazy race but where everyone has fun.

The road is not just a myth for you as you move around the world to discover new artistic techniques ...

In some countries, it's the only way to get around, and I was on the road a lot during my world tour. Each one is unique in terms of layout and construction. They feed my imagination. Many are, or have been, source of wonder, for example in Mexico the road down to Acapulco, which has since been closed off because it was too dangerous.

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