A shared health and safety culture

    For Colas, health and safety are a top priority. The Group’s aim is to reinforce a worldwide culture of health and safety. 
    Colas is committed to valuing its human capital. We actively work to provide exemplary working conditions for all our people, in which risks to their health and safety are kept to a minimum. Similarly, our approach to security and crisis management helps protect our workforce and the Group’s activities.

    Developing a health and safety culture for all stakeholders

    Colas has set itself a “zero accident” target. The Group prioritizes the health and safety of all employees by complying with the laws in force in all the countries where it operates.

    Colas also runs ad hoc prevention and awareness programs and provide our people with equipment adapted to their specific needs.

    Security and crisis management

    Protecting our workforce and the Group’s activities from malicious acts is also a priority. We take steps to anticipate and safeguard against key risks as well as to respond to crisis situations.



    The Group Safety Rules were rolled out at all Colas locations worldwide during Safety Week 2020

    Key Figures

    • workplace accident frequecy rate (2021)

    • road accident frequency rate where a colas vehicle is involved (2021)

    • %

      of road accidents at Colas (2021 VS 1997) 

    • integration of road safety into the corporate culture at Colas