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    As an employer, Colas' keystones are attracting, integrating, retaining and developing talents. These principles are fully integrated into our CSR commitments and support our employer brand and our Group values of Caring, Sharing and Daring.

    Attracting and retaining talent

    Colas has put in place a strategy to attract up-and-coming talent reflecting the diversity of our society (in terms of culture, ethnicity, gender, thought, etc.).

    This helps the Group foster an inclusive working environment where everyone is respected and valued for what they bring to the table.

    The goal is for each and every employee to achieve their full potential throughout their career.

    Upskilling our workforce

    The Group invests in upskilling its employees with the aim of: 

    • Boosting their expertise
    • Promoting career development
    • Anticipating changes in the industry

    To this end, we offer tailored digital training and promote a culture of lifelong learning and equal opportunities for advancement.

    Creating a healthy working environment

    Because we believe employee engagement is vital, we work with employees to create a working environment that meets their expectations.

    This involves listening to our people and putting in place local action plans.

    For the year 2023, for Colas SA and Colas France, the results of the Gender Equality Index are as follows:

    • Colas SA: 88/100 points
    • Colas France: 87/100 points
     Difference in salaryDifference in increaseDifference in promotionMaternity10 highest salariesFinal result
    Colas SA38201515088
    Colas France37201515087



    Colas supports local communities located close to its worksites by helping build facilities, making donations and aiding local residents.

    Key figures

    • %

      of women in total staff population: supervisors, management and technical staff

    • employees took at least one training session or course 

    • trainees were welcomed in France