Daniel Frank

"Intersection", Daniel Frank (2008)

Daniel Frank was born in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1968. His love of travel took him to Jamaica in 1985 where he spent a year. After studying art in Lausanne, he flew to New York where he opened a studio in Brooklyn. He then spent time in Cairo, Egypt, having been awarded a Swiss City Conference grant for cultural endeavors. Today, Daniel Frank divides his time between Venice and Lausanne. He mainly exhibits in Switzerland. (www.danielfrank.ch)

There's an interesting story behind this work on the theme of roads painted for the Colas Foundation...

I live in Venice, where there are no cars and no real roads. So I needed a starting point. And then, in May, Colas invited me to France to visit a few job sites. Just as I was leaving to come home, I took one last photo through the car window. Il was of a Paris street and it fired my imagination. This canvas reflects the idea that the road is broken by man.

You've lived in some major cities. How have they influenced your art?

I perceive big cities as people, with highly individual souls and characters. I was bowled over by Cairo and its 18 million inhabitants. Its very human, spontaneous place. I dedicated a series of paintings to it that I called "Ivre de lumière" ("Intaxicated with light"). The effervescence of New York also left its mark on me. But I left it saturated by its wealth. I felt the need to paint the opposite of human exuberance. Then, by chanc, I met some elderly people in a home in Lausanne and I decided to paint them because thez gave me time and brought me serenity.

What themes are you working on today?

I'm moving away from issues surrounding existence. I'm moving towards a more narrative style of painting. At the moment, I'm interested in the mountains and my 9-month old daughter. The work done for the Colas Foundation has also given me some ideas linked to roads.

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