Initiatives in the field

Work experience for national service volunteers in Djibouti

In conjunction with a national service volunteer scheme run by the Djibouti Armed Forces, Colas Djibouti receives around ten trainees each year to work in its teams as drivers, site machine operators, workers, and so on. The five-month placement, which is jointly mentored by the Djibouti Armed Forces and Colas Djibouti site managers, offers work experience and career development opportunities to disenfranchised young volunteers. When the training period is over, the young people can join Colas Djibouti on contracts running for the duration of a project. Roughly thirty people have received training since 2006, and seven have been hired:

  • 2 wheeled excavator driver’s assistants
  • 1 loader driver’s assistant
  • 1 grader driver’s assistant
  • 1 roller driver’s assistant
  • 1 backhoe driver’s assistant
  • 1 grader driver
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