Initiatives in the field

Win-win for public and private sectors in Libourne

Via its subsidiaries STTP and El-Si, and in partnership with ETDE, Aximum has just won public-private partnership contract to provide lighting for the city of Libourne. This a 15-year €15.5 million contract includes upgrading and maintaining the city's entire public lighting and electrical system as well as its traffic lights. This was the first contract of this type for France's leading provider of road equipment and truly a win-win deal for both:

  • The city and its inhabitants: No public funding is required and the spreading of costs over the 15 years enables rapid system upgrading with minimum initial outlay; the security provided by the 15-year contract enables contractors to more effectively manage and reduce the overall cost; the city of Libourne has only one person to deal with; it has access to contractor knowhow; special lighting will be provided for four of Libourne's most beautiful sites and for the Xmas holiday season; upgrading will be accelerated during the first year; price inflation risk is shared; and a preliminary survey of stores and neighborhood associations ensures that the system meets their requirements. In short, they obtained better quality lighting at lower cost.
  • Aximum and its subsidiaries: The large, long-term contract ensures good operating visibility for 15 years; the necessary manpower is secured; contractors gain experience in this promising new type of contract; and share the burden of price inflation risk. In short, they have a steady and secure source of revenue for 15 years.
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