Initiatives in the field

A training center shared by employees and customers

Safety equipment for roads has come a long way. Products are now extremely complex to assemble and install, are highly regulated and have to comply with drastic safety standards. For our customers and personnel alike, it has become vital to keep pace with these changes, to be familiar with how these products perform and fully master their installation and application. Aximum has therefore opened a technical center in Thivars, a 4,500 m2 showcase that has become a strategic technical, sales and training tool.

  • Personnel are trained in installation and assembly techniques using hands-on methods so they gain experience in industry standards. Ten one-week training packages have been organized on safety barrier equipment, extruded concrete, road signs and road markings.
  • This full-scale exhibition of all the equipment allows customers to visualize solutions adapted to their problems and helps them better understand regulations. The facility is a registered training center and has devised specific training packages to meet the demands of customers, who include highway operators, consulting engineers, local authorities, etc.
  • Communication: the image of a profession is conveyed by the media but also by those who perform it. The Center has therefore become a direct, concrete communications tool giving special support to company recruitment policy through the organization of student visits.
  • Gaining experience in a real environment of new products and techniques that have been developed to improve the work of the teams

The scope of the Center has rapidly been extended to other types of road equipment: signs and signals, illuminated site signage, noise barriers, etc.

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