Initiatives in the field

A technical alternative is a triple-winner

The Carmaux bypass, completed in 2006, is a good example of the advantage of enabling a contractor such as Colas to propose technical alternatives to the bid specifications.

  1. Good news for the user: road users were able to benefit from the infrastructure 2 months earlier than planned, as the project was completed ahead of schedule (9% reduction in the duration of the project).
  2. Good news for the environment: the impact fron materials was reduced (a 40% reduction in amount of asphalt concrete, i.e.74,000 metric tons including 3,000 metric tons of bitumen).
  3. Good news for the taxpayer: the cost of the operation was reduced by €1.5 million, equivalent to 20% of the cost of the initial specifications.

In addition, the mixroad structure is designef to last 30 years, while the road markings are covered by a 6-year performance guarantee.

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