Initiatives in the field

Students renovate their own school

In the context of a major renovation project of the Pannevelles vocational training school in Provins, costing (€55 million and spread over 36 months) Sacer’s Champigny office, which was awarded the roads and utilities work, took the initiative of having students take part in the reconstruction of their own school. Roughly thirty students studying construction at various levels, including student surveyors, equipment operators and pipe-layers, took part to the construction work.

The school overhaul was designed according to HQE® (High Environmental Quality) standards, entailing mastery of energy expenses, a strict limitation on impermeable surfaces and systems to reduce the amount of storm water entering the public sewer system.

This full-scale practical project gave some 35 students the opportunity to find out more about their future careers in a real-life situation, in contact with building industry professionals. It also helped unite them, and motivate them by working on a project of which they can be proud. More widely, a partnership was established between Sacer Paris Nord-Est and the Pannevelles school enabling thirty students to carry out work experience internships on construction sites in the region. This approach has raised the profile of the profession and promoted enthusiasm for a business which has a great need for manpower but which often suffers from a negative image.

What they said:

  • A teacher: I’m proud how efficient and productive they were, they are real professionals in the making.
  • A student: I want to go on to take a professional degree, and if I was hired by Sacer PNE after that, I’d be thrilled!
  • A manager: He’s applied for a work/study contract for next year. He’ll be very welcome.
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