Initiatives in the field

Solar powered contruction trailers

Swiss law aims to reduce CO2 emissions to 10% below their level of 1990. With the support of the Energy for the Economy Agency (AEnEC), in 2004 Colas Suisse decided to reduce its CO2 emissions by 25% by 2010.

As part of its emissions-reduction plan, which it drew up in collaboration with Swiss authorities, in 2005 Colas Geneva decided to completely overhaul the power system of its construction trailers so that they wouldn't need either the power grid or a generator set. Three trailers were thus equipped with solar panels and their electrical equipment completely redesigned.

This was a first for the construction industry and no other worksite uses solar technology at its construction sites in either Switzerland or Europe. Colas’ experience with these new trailers in Geneva has shown that they are viable, efficient, easy to use, reliable and require only one hour of sunshine per work day.

For its innovation Colas Suisse received the Swiss Ethics Prize in November 2008.

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