Initiatives in the field

Solar panel roofing

The French government has made a commitment to the development of electricity production from renewable energy sources, offering tax credits and subsidies and shortening depreciation periods, along with compulsory purchase of electricity at favorable rates by the national electricity utility, EDF.

In the building industry, this will have a strong impact on the siding and roofing sector. With a technological edge in roofing techniques, Smac has mobilized its energy on solar panels and is transforming its traditional businesses by adding a new range of solutions:

  • SURFA® 5 SOLAR, a patented system which enables roofs to incorporate self-supporting and efficient high-yield solar panels. No modification is required with regard to the technical roofing satndards, while the watertightness and maintenance work remain the same as for a conventional roof.
  • EXCELFLEX® SOLAR, in exclusive partnership with EDF-EN, the renewable energies arm of EDF, is a photovoltaic bituminous membrane: EDF-EN supplies amorphous photovoltaic modules, which are then integrated to the Excelflex bituminous membrane Axter's manufacturing facility (Axter is a Smac subsidiary). This phase has required particularly complex work in R&D. The membrane is installed on the construction site by hot air welding, performed with automatic machines specially designed for this application.

When the La Rochelle fish market, built in the 1950s, was converted into a maritime museum in 2007, SMAC replaced 1,200 m² of existing glass roof panels by a thermal and acoustic system made watertight by a PVC membrane incorporating 550 m² of solar cells capable of producing 25 kWc.

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