Initiatives in the field

Reducing fuel consumption in North America

Two years ago Colas North America decided to reassess its policy for replacing company vehicles at its subsidiaries with the objective of reducing the fuel consumption of the replaced vehicles by 10%. This policy obviously entails verifying needs (and that the new vehicle is actually required, based on the fleet size), verifying that vehicle fleets are correctly managed, and that per-vehicle standard fuel consumption rates are reduced. This means that each subsidiary must:

  • select the smallest vehicle that will meet its requirements;
  • purchase passenger vehicles instead of pickups or SUVs, unless a small pickup is absolutely necessary.

The 10% reduction in fuel consumption is calculated by comparing standard government fuel-consumption figures for the replaced and the new vehicles. Fuel savings are quite easily tracked using a simple spreadsheet, which shows, for example, that Works Alberta reduced fuel consumption for one type of vehicle by 14% the second year.

As for Sintra, it has been experimenting with the Toyota Camry 2008 hybrid car and has observed fuel savings of up to 45%.

Download the pdf file