Initiatives in the field

Recovering used engine oil in Mayotte

In 2005, the worrying observation was made that only one third of engine oil imported to the island of Mayotte was subsequently sent to Reunion Island for processing and recycling. What was happening to the other two-thirds? Whether illegal combustion, accidental spillage or dumping, with probable disastrous consequences for air quality, public health, the water table and the biodiversity of the island and its lagoon.

In view of its high level of consumption (20,000 liters purchased in 2007), ETPC decided to introduce a twice-yearly indicator to monitor its engine oil recovery.

The engine oil recovery rate indicator has been in force since 2006 and is based on the following ratio:

  • Input data: total consumption of engine oil
  • Output data: collection dockets from the company licensed to recover used engine oil

The indicator is not yet completely stabilized, but the ratio now ranges between 70% and 90%. It will probably never reach 100%, because of the oil that is actually consumed and the time-lag between the oil being purchased and drained. Back to the selection

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