Initiatives in the field

Reclamation of the Bordères-Cazères-Renung site

When mining at the Bordères-Cazères-Renung sand and gravel operation in southwest France came to an end, Gama handed control of the land back to the Adour institution, a local public authority.

Working together, and in partnership with other key stakeholders, they drew up a management plan seeking to develop the wealth of local wildlife. Taking full advantage of the mined areas, this wetland has strong potential for biodiversity. Gama has fully developed it, and has built two islands, one large and one small.

Today, the majority of species inventoried at the site are protected species in France: 39 animal species (including ospreys, natterjack toads, marsh coppers, etc.) and 17 plant species (silver cinquefoil, menyanthes, etc.). The inventory is regularly updated and carefully monitored by the local authority.

When opened to the public, the reclaimed Bordères-Cazères-Renung quarry site provided the public with a concrete example of the conservation of natural habitats.

"I used to come here with my fishing rod, but now I come with my binoculars. When my granddaughters come to visit we always spend an afternoon walking along the Adour in that area," says a longtime resident.

 "I defy anyone who didn’t know there used to be a sand and gravel operation here to find any trace of it – there aren’t any!" adds a former opponent of the mining site.

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