Initiatives in the field

Raising awareness at Kinguélé

Colas Gabon and WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) organized an environment day at the Colas Gabon base camp in Kinguélé. Roughly 500 people attended the event, which included:

  • Endangered species conservation awareness,
  • An explanation of the damage caused by poaching,
  • Quizzes and games familiarizing people with the list of endangered protected species,
  • A message from Libreville artists about protecting nature,
  • Prizes given for knowing about endangered species.

Endangered animals such as the giant pangolin play an important role in maintaining the ecological balance of the forests. If they were to be wiped out, there would be serious consequences for the lives of people living in the Crystal Mountains, impacting their food, health and culture. Defeating the poachers will require close cooperation and communication between players in the local economy, nature conservation bodies such as WCS and local populations.

To attract and appeal to a sufficiently broad public, the company had the idea of arranging this day in parallel with a soccer tournament, which the Colas Gabon team won after a series of upsets. A community initiative that was a real hit!

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