Initiatives in the field

Paris sidewalks come to Casablanca

For the renovation of the Boulevard Anfa, Casablanca’s main thoroughfare, it was decided that the sidewalks had to be as high quality as those in Paris.

It took almost two years to develop and design the right materials – a quest that resulted in being able to produce the new generation of low-temperature asphalt.

In line with French standard NF P 98-145, the application temperature of mastic asphalt is normally between 200 and 240° C. The product designed by Smac in partnership with Urbis Signalétique (a Colas specialist subsidiary in Morocco) is applied at a temperature of 170° C with almost no release of smoke or fumes: Neophalte BT (a SMAC patent), usually brings about a saving of 100° C with subsequent 40% savings of energy and greenhouse gases.

The formulas that were developed were applied both on the sidewalks and the driveways. The major 7,000 m2 contract was performed in exemplary fashion over a period of 17 days. Four points give particular satisfaction:

  • customer satisfaction
  • adjustment of a technique to another country
  • reduced nuisance for the application team
  • reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

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