Initiatives in the field

HIV/AIDS screening in Madagascar

In 2006, Colas Madagascar carried out an extensive program of voluntary and anonymous HIV screening over a three-month period, backed up by an information campaign. 1,500 people, more than one third of the company’s workforce, were checked and all were found to be HIV-negative.

The prevalence rate in Madagascar being 1%, this number of people could have been expected to generate 15 cases, so the prevention effort over the past eight years has proven to be effective.

If a person is found HIV-positive, a procedure is in place via Dr Isabelle (head doctor of the company’s in-house medical service) to provide the patient with counseling, support and psychological help. While maintaining anonymity, the procedure enables Dr Isabelle to ensure that the employee in question works exclusively in his home region to avoid the risk of contamination spreading.

In 2007, through a partnership with Madagascar’s National Aids Committee (CNLS) and GTZ, a German-funded NGO, seven Colas doctors were trained in caring for HIV-positive patients, taking the company’s level of commitment one stage further. In addition, 10% of the personnel have been trained to educate their colleagues and families on this topic, 650 people in all.

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