Initiatives in the field

Heliocol at the Château de Versailles


As part of a corporate patronage program, Colas has signed a long-term agreement with the Château de Versailles covering the contribution of expertise for the restoration of the lanes in its gardens. With a total surface area of about 800 hectares, the Versailles gardens are among the most visited in France. In all, there are more than 40 kilometers of avenues, roads, pedestrian walkways, esplanades and terraces exposed to the elements and attracting more than seven million visitors each year. Today, these surfaces are in poor condition.

For the resurfacing of the lanes surrounding the Sun King's palace, Colas Île-de-France - Normandie Laboratory developed Heliocol®, an innovative process that is sustainable and respectful of the site's architectural heritage, with a number of key benefits:

    • preserves the stabilized sand appearance and the original blond color of the lanes; 
  • avoids dust that would normally be raised by pedestrian traffic, even in dry and hot weather; 
  • retains solidity even in rainy weather, without the unpleasant tendency to form mud;
  • withstands slow-moving heavy or light vehicle traffic, in all types of weather.

An exceptional surfacing product for an exceptional site, Heliocol® was initially applied to the most damaged surfaces or those subject to significant operating constraints such as the semi-circle enclosing the Apollo basin, an area in intensive use visited by a high proportion of tourists.  Here, considerable considerable resurfacing work was required on a total of approximately 9,000 sq.m.

Reports have been very positive: "With this gesture, not only has Colas joined the ranks of major benefactors contributing to the preservation and restoration of one of the greatest world heritage monuments, but this partnership also supports the Château de Versailles in its efforts to protect the environment for future generations." (official Château de Versailles website)

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