Initiatives in the field

Free concert in Nancy

Screg Est and renowned pianist Hugues Leclère, director of the city of Nancy’s annual music festival, decided to organize a free concert during the summer of 2007. They had the unusual idea of staging it in the open air, on the site of an ongoing urban development project (the velodrome at the southern entrance to the city). There were three aims:

  • Symbolically thanking the local residents for putting up with 14 months of disruption during the works
  • Demonstrating the company’s continuing desire to play a part in the economic and cultural life of the city in which it has established its headquarters – it has been attached to its local roots and played a socially responsible role for more than forty years
  • Proving that the construction industry is not insensitive to culture and that the universal art of music could bring people together anywhere from all walks of life

Unfortunately the concert could not take place on the site after all as initially planned, and had to be held indoors because weather conditions that day were too bad for the musicians. The local residents turned out anyway!

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