Initiatives in the field

The end of a drug alley in Portsmouth

Colas subsidiary Ensign Highways was awarded a 25-year contract to manage the roads of Portsmouth, UK, as the result of a Private Financing Initiative (PFI). The city council is delighted to see it has already achieved a 20% saving in expenditure and improved performance, resulting from the independance that the company enjoys with regard to maintenance decisions. This freedom of action guarantees that the company will be efficient and responsive.An example of this flexibility can be seen in the way it dealt with a run-down area surrounding a primary school. Once alerted by the school and local families, Colas teams were able to reschedule the maintenance of this drug alley to an earlier date and worked with local residents to redesign the surroundings, making them less conducive to all forms of trafficking. In a matter of months, families were back in possession of their own neighborhood and children could once again play outside the school.

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