Initiatives in the field

Elise : the first-supporting fully electric line marker(en)


Elise® is the first self-supporting fully-electric line marker. Highly versatile, it enables various kinds of paint to be applied centrally and on the outer edges and to sprinkle recycled reflective glass beads; it does not emit any CO2 into the atmosphere and can be used with water-based paints to ensure an even more ecological marking process!


  • Zero emissions of CO2 or pollutants
  • Energy consumption reduced by a factor of 10 compared with a thermal line marker
  • Operating cost reduced by 50%
  • Ease-of-use for drivers: silent and comfortable (thanks to its shock absorbers)
  • Virtually zero noise pollution: local residents are satisfied day and night.

Elise® is equipped with two Ecogyro LED rotating-lights, the star product designed and manufactured by Aximum Electronic products which inaugurates a new generation of low electricity consumption signaling: it consumes five times less electricity than traditional rotating lights and uses less material.

First international success: Elise® has already taken its first strides at Colas Suisse.

Elise® is the symbol of sustainable development at Aximum Marking products.

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