Initiatives in the field

Ecomat : the battle for warm-mix asphalt


Colas North America's warm-mix asphalt range is called EcoMat: they are no more expensive,  generate less fumes for personnel, require less energy consumption and emit less greenhouse gases. New York State nonetheless retained its unshakeable faith in hot mixes. Barrett rose to the challenge of finding pioneer customers to showcase the key advantages of EcoMat.

In June 2009, Barrett organized a technical worksite visit to raise awareness on the part of the State's engineers, design departments, private customers and independent entrepreneurs. This generated a buzz of interest, particularly from the City of Clay which rapidly decided to go ahead with two projects in the Bayberry community and in the city-center park. For the park project, a permanent information sign was even put up in the park to promote awareness about the benefits of this technique.

The press release sparked interest from the local radio station which prepared a report and interviewed the mayor of Clay about environmentally-friendly warm-mix asphalts. The City of Clay was extremely satisfied and plans to use EcoMat again next season. Since then, media coverage has attracted attention from other nearby cities.

Barrett continues to gradually elicit interest and raise customers' awareness about the benefits of EcoMat: two projects in 2009 in the county of Onondaga and another for the New York State Highway Department.

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