Initiatives in the field

ECO-TRI, a recycling center for builders

The Eco-Tri center in Pierrelaye, in the northern suburbs of Paris, has been recycling building site waste since 1984, and continues to improve its services. This pioneering facility provides a common platform for craftsmen, building contractors and private individuals along with waste recycling and disposal operators. Taken individually, managing waste poses an enormous problem for each of these players – small quantities of waste, facilities too far away, lack of space, high costs, etc. Eco-Tri offers them a solution that allows them to be part of the progress they long for:

  • Affordable cost through thanks to the combination of waste streams
  • Short travel distance
  • Site compliance with regulatory standards

Occupying a site of roughly 1 hectare, Eco-Tri takes in 40 000 t tons of waste every year (including asbestos). It goes a step further to satisfy its customers, who do not have to leave empty-handed: they can also buy a wide range of construction materials, including treated and natural gravel, crushed concrete, compost, sand, topsoil gravel crusher run and even ready-mix concrete.

Eco-Tri has become a business concept in its own right, replicated on other sites where it adapts to the context and surroundings. It always offers a threefold benefit:

  • Conservation of resources : 80% of waste taken in is recycled
  • Less waste sent to landfill
  • A local service center for builders and craftsmen
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