Initiatives in the field

Community partnership in Reunion Island

Aggregate resources are scarce in Reunion Island, so SCPR decided to extract them from beneath sugar plantations by making a very attractive offer to the island’s small sugar cane planters

  • Quarrying their land, half of their holding at a time in order to ensure the continuation of their farming operations
  • Providing alternative income, generously compensating for the shortfall
  • Restoring their land, re-leveling it to facilitate watering or irrigation and with a layer of improved topsoil, a combination enabling producers to achieve 20% to 30% better yield after replanting.

This initiative has thrown a lifeline to the sugar cane planters, whose businesses are under pressure from the real estate sector. By granting quarrying permits, local authorities strengthen their planning control over this land to prevent uncontrolled development and excessive urban sprawl.

Throught this initiative SCPR adresses three stakeholders:

  • Building contractors and their customers: providing a local source of aggregate
  • Local authorities: enabling stricter control of future land use
  • The local economy: improving the profitability of independent agricultural operations
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