Initiatives in the field

Commitment to Handi'Cap


In 2008, an Olympic year in which the Paralympics athlete, Assia El Hannouni, supported since 2006 by the Colas group, won four gold and silver medals in Beijing, Screg Sud-Ouest wanted to extend this commitment locally, by linking up with the Aquitaine Handisport Committee to support a human and sporting adventure. 

The partnership was signed in December 2008 and has since been renewed. The main idea was to help high level sports-people realize their dreams, and then employee more handicapped people.

In concrete terms, this project was founded on 3 axes:

  • sponsoring the international Urt/Bayonne Para-cycling race,
  • participating in a 3 day program in Aquitaine entitled "Sport together", with the organization of sporting activities shared between able-bodied and handicapped people,
  • heightening awareness of Screg Sud-Ouest employees to the risks and realities of handicaps, via:
  •  onsite intervention of members of the Aquitaine Handisport Committee,
  •  onsite organization of health and safety training,
  •  information about handicap and the creation of places where able-bodied and handicapped people can meet and chat.

These initiatives represent the first phase of the "Handi cap'", enterprise project, an integral part of the Screg Sud-Ouest diversity project.


Through its various initiatives, Screg Sud-Ouest, helps improve the quality of life for local residents and road users, and aims to get increasingly involved in corporate citizen initiatives.

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