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26. 08. 2019

VALORCOL on the Hungarian road network!

COLAS Út Zrt. has been awarded a contract to develop a section of VALORCOL®, cold mix composed mainly of asphalt aggregates, as part of the government's announced construction innovation program.

The 500 m long section is located in the Transdanubia region of Hungary. 

The existing pavement was used as a basis for the new roadway after in-place cement recycling. 

An 8 cm layer of VALORCOL® was then applied to this substrate and covered with 4 cm of hot mix.

VALORCOL® was manufactured in place and formulated by COLAS Hungary's laboratory.

A reference section was also created with the same structure, substituting VALORCOL® with a traditional hot mix.

The entire project was completed in April 2019.

Regular checks and follow-up will be carried out over 5 years by the client to monitor and compare the behaviour of these sections.