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24. 03. 2015

Strengthening and renovation by Colas of Beauvais – Tillé Airport (France, Oise)

As part of the reinforcement and renovation project in Beauvais – Tillé Airport, the Beauvais agency and several other entities belonging to the COLAS subsidiary pooled their resources and skills to carry out all the work between June 3rd and 6th, 2014, working round the clock!

In particular the work involved the strengthening and renovation of various airport zones:

  • Parking T1 and its access way totaling 18,000 m².
  • Whisky Taxiway totaling 4,000 m².
  • Runway 04/22 and renewal of drainage totaling 28,000 m².

This contract was a real challenge for all those concerned. In view of the tight schedule it required exceptional human and physical resources.

The solutions proposed were designed and modeled in collaboration with the CED. The different techniques used were:

  • Retread (NOVAFOR) using ROC VDS binder over a depth of 0.40 m (PF3 at 24 hours).
  • Unbound gravel (1,470 t), OPTIBASE R30% (3,250 t) and MEGABASE (300 t) as base courses.
  • COLGRILL R, with a new surface area record of 32,000 m² on a single work site.
  • High modulus asphalt concrete R30% with COLFLEX HP (2,800 t), Aeronautical asphalt concrete with COLFLEX HP (600 t), Thin asphalt concrete 35/50 (1,380 t) and ECOROUL 0/10 R30% (1,400 t) as wearing course in renovated zones.

The whole Picardie Technical Department worked in relays throughout the week so as to ensure production and implementation of the different techniques used.

The runways were released for airport service on schedule, on Saturday June 7th, 2014, at 6 a.m., to the client’s complete satisfaction.

Yet another reference for Colas Nord Picardie!