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09. 08. 2016

MEGABASE in Marseille, France for the L2 bypass

As part of the L2 bypass project in Marseille, a 150 m long section of Highway A50 had to be raised an additional 1.50 m. to comply with altimetry requirements on site.

The work was performed at night over a 2 week period from November to December 2015, with deviation of traffic to the opposite lanes. Highway A50 had to be reopened to full traffic every morning at 6 am.

Every night, paving crews placed a layer of untreated aggregates, which was followed by a 9 cm layer of MEGABASE using a paver, on which vehicles drove during the day. In all, 8 layers of MEGABASE were applied, for a cumulated thickness of 72 cm.

MEGABASE was manufactured in an Astec 400 mobile plant using sand, aggregates, 20/40 limestone ballast, 20 % reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) and 35/50 bitumen.

Production and application control tests showed full compliance with the technical notice.