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24. 09. 2015

Branscome builds a 100,000 SFT Rodal ® platform in Virginia

Kinder Morgan is the largest terminal operator in North America. The main warehouse of their Elizabeth River facility in Virginia, a 190-foot by 520-foot dome structure was to be converted from urea storage to a glass beads bagging facility. When Branscome was called early 2014, Kinder Morgan had 6-month to replace 100,000 SFT of contaminated blacktop floor with a clear, hard and smooth surface suited to the new activity. As a cost and time efficient alternative to traditional PCC, Branscome proposed RODAL®.

RODAL® is a porous asphalt mix, percolated with a cement grout modified with resins and mineral fillers to obtain a high level of performance to withstand heavy static loads and aggressive dynamic stresses. RODAL® cumulates the qualities of concrete (rutting and puncture resistance) with those of asphalt mixes (smooth, no joints and less disruptive). RODAL® is well suited for industrial floors, bus lanes, docks and handling areas…Traffic can resume after 7-days and optimal performances are reached after 28 days.

After milling and reprofiling, 2-in porous asphalt were placed and the RODAL® grout designed by Branscome Laboratory was percolated. Branscome Concrete mixer trucks delivered the slurry on site; the project was completed in 4 nights by a 7 person crew: grout spreading and raking with squeegees; percolation with vibrating plates and final broom finish. The viscosity of the grout was controlled and adjusted on site and full percolation was checked on the go. Specimens were produced to verify the grout strength and puncture resistance.

Compared to traditional PCC, RODAL® represents a cost effective and performant solution; in addition, the faster turnaround time allows our customers to reduce operating losses to a minimum.