Campus for Science and Techniques
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Premier private road R&D center in the world

The CST is a driving force in the exchange of expertise and know-how amongst research experts, academics, industrial sites and operational teams in charge of our jobsites.

Colas has provided unique assignments and resources to the CST, hoisting the Campus to a leading position among the world’s private road research centers.

The laboratories are equipped with cutting-edge high-tech equipment. The versatility of the men and women who work there is also an asset.

Certain projects require teams to adapt techniques and methods used in sectors other than roads.


The laboratories

The laboratories at the CST are at the heart of the Group’s lab network.

Their missions include: 

  • responding to requests for technical assistance from the field (applying new products),
  • proposing innovative products and processes, as part of the Group’s overall R&D policy,
  • share new knowledge in their fields of expertise,
  • train engineers and technicians during formal training sessions and target missions.



The Center for Expertise and Documentation (CED) responds to three major targets for the Colas Group:

  • provide engineering expertise to the Group as a whole in the field of roads or road-related activities (pavement evaluation, structure calculations and design, surface characteristics, hydraulic binders, waterproofing, analyzing physical phenomena, models, etc.) to assist Colas companies in bidding, performing work and monitoring jobsites,
  • ensure the dissemination of technical information throughout the Group,
  • meet needs involving metrological calibration and verification in Group laboratories.

By combining the experience of men and women in the field and the scientific expertise needed for technical research and progress, by promoting the transfer of knowledge needed within the Group, the Center for Expertise and Documentation helps foster the development of new products, processes and techniques.


Geotechnics / Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering provides assistance to Group companies in the design and construction of structures:

  • designing temporary or permanent structures for engineering structures (standard, cantilever, launched bridges, etc.), reservoirs (ponds, water tanks), platforms, underpinning, supporting walls, etc.,
  • organizational and operational methods for projects (planning, formwork & shoring, lifting).

Colas’ geotechnical expertise can also be used in engineering transport infrastructure:

  • studies and tests involving 
    • earthworks,  
    • improving groundsoil (pre-loading, ballasted columns, etc.)
    • underpinning, supporting walls, foundations.



This division serves as an interface amongst Group companies and departments. Its missions include:

  • facilitating design and development of new products and processes,
  • monitoring during post-experimental phase,
  • fostering feedback,
  • creating visual aids and documentation for development and communication regarding innovative products and processes, technical intelligence actions.