A tramway for Birmingham

In Birmingham, in the center of England, Colas Rail UK has been carrying out tramway extension work since 2007. As leader of the consortium that includes Colas Ltd, Colas Rail UK is modernizing the sustainable transport system that runs through the city. 

The project is part of the Midland Metro Alliance, a wide-ranging program created in 2016 to support economic and social change in the West Midlands region.

Complementary skills put into practice

The agenda for this large-scale project includes the construction of extensions and components of the transport system, as well as all urban development, building and civil engineering work. This is an opportunity for Colas to illustrate the complementary nature of its businesses, and highlight the Group’s know-how and experience in alliance contracts for major rail programs. The project is innovative and stands out in particular for its sections without overhead lines, where the tramway will run on battery power. This is a choice to help preserve the beauty of the very dynamic historical city center, not to mention improve air quality.

Maximizing multimodality

Linking the various districts of the city, the Birmingham tramway is fully integrated into the urban environment, and profoundly transforms the city. A major project for local authorities, it will relieve traffic congestion while promoting sustainable mobility. The extended tramway network will also maximize multimodality, creating hubs where Birmingham's different modes of transportation intersect. For the Midland Metro Alliance, it is also about supporting economic and demographic growth by making it easier to connect people and jobs.