Bangkok, a hub for Southeast Asia

In the Thai capital, Colas is participating in the expansion of Suvarnabhumi International Airport. The program includes the construction of runway 3 and its taxiways, including lighting and control systems. 

This major project is designed to increase the airport's operational capacity, making Bangkok a hub for the entire Southeast Asian region.

A first for Colas in Asia

In partnership with Colas Projects, teams from Thanomwongse (TWS), Tipco Asphalt’s construction subsidiary, have started the vacuum soil improvement work on an 800,000 m2 area, as well as the pumping required to accelerate the settling and consolidation of clay soils. This is a first for Colas in Asia, and the largest vacuum consolidation site ever managed by the Group: 800,000 m² and more than 8,000 km of PVD (physical vapor deposition). Colas Projects, a Colas subsidiary dedicated to managing major projects, contributed its expertise, particularly in the areas of studies, methods and geotechnics, throughout the bidding phase, and is now continuing its support role in preparation for the construction phase.

High performance criteria

In 2017, Tipco had already repaved the runway and taxiway at Bangkok International Airport. One kilometer long and 60 meters wide, the refurbishment project generated 16,000 m3 of milling, and required 2 asphalt plants, producing up to 1,600 tons of asphalt per day. Around 100 employees were mobilized to work day and night on this site, where modified hot mixes were used to meet high performance criteria (resistance to rutting due to the weight of aircraft, in particular).