Water & energy transport

Colas is also present in water and energy transport services.

01 Water & energy transport

  • Installing a 53-km section of pipeline in central France
  • Installing pipeline in northern France as part of the GRT Gaz Hauts de France II project
  • Construction of surface infrastructure for the Hauterives underground natural gas storage unit in southeast France
  • Installing 11 km of pipeline and two switching stations in southwest France

Water & energy transport

The Group's Water & Energy Transport business, which is operated by its subsidiary Spac, acquired in 1993, generated 2020 revenue of 159 million euros (1% of total Group revenue). The business mainly operates in France.

It encompasses the following:

  • installation and maintenance of pipes and pipelines for
    • fluids (oil, gas), including the construction of gas compression stations
    • wet and dry networks (water, electricity, heating, air conditioning)
  • small-scale civil engineering and industrial services

Spac operates across a broad range of activities: 

  • pipelines: construction and maintenance of high pressure distribution networks (pipelines, compression stations, pipeline equipment, associated civil engineering, under pressure drilling, etc.)
  • natural gas, electricity: construction and maintenance of networks
  • drinking water: construction and maintenance of networks for conveying drinking water from its source to distribution points (i.e., catchment and distribution);
  • drainage: construction and maintenance of sewerage and drainage networks for local authorities

Below are some examples of recently completed projects and projects in progress:

  • installing gas pipelines for the Gascogne Midi (RGM) reinforcement project (62 km) and for the Val-de-Saône artery in France
  • installing 23 km of electric cables in Normandy, as part of the electrical connection between France and Great Britain
  • installing wet networks (associated civil engineering works, ponds) and wastewater in France from the Brest polder
  • installing water pipes in Gabon and Guinea-Conakry
  • installing a hydrocarbon pipeline in Jorf Lasfar, Morocco