The road construction and maintenance business (including road safety and signaling) generating 8.9 billion euros in revenue in 2019, i.e., 72% of total Group revenue.

01 Roads in France

Roads in France

The construction and maintenance of road infrastructure is Colas' longstanding core business.

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A leader in the construction of road infrastructure in France

With a close-knit network comprising 300 local profit centers across the country, Colas also puts its expertise at the service of urban planning, making for better city living and preserving historical monuments and landscapes: planning squares and pedestrian-only areas, creating bike paths, tramway lines and reserved lane public transport. 

Its skills are also widely renowned in the fields of civil engineering, deconstruction, safety, road signaling and building: 

- Civil engineering: Across the country, Colas Civil Engineering performs complex projects: engineering structures, underground works, drainage, building rehabilitation, industrial and commercial structures. 

- Deconstruction: Demolition, cleaning, asbestos removal, concrete cutting, dismantling and circular economy, Premys is today’s leader in deconstruction in France, comprising 11 profit centers throughout the country. 

- Safety and Signaling: Aximum, a subsidiary of the Colas Group, is a global operator of safe mobility, able to secure, signal and regulate flows. To learn more, click here

- Building: Colas Bâtiment specializes in new construction, major renovation projects and work on occupied buildings: converting office buildings into housing, maintenance of property, structural reinforcement, etc. 

Expertise at the service of private individuals: Colas & Vous

Through its network of local Colas & Vous agencies, Colas puts its know-how at the service of private individuals for foot paths, driveways, courtyards, terraces, and more. To learn more, click here

02 Roads around the world

  • In mainland France, the Group operates in the Roads segment and cover the entire country through its 300 establishments
  • In Europe, the Group operates in:
        • The British Isles: the United Kingdom and Ireland
        • Continental Europe, including Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia and Romania
  • In North America, the Group is present in 16 states of the United States and all provinces and territories in Canada
  •  In the Rest of the world, the Group builds and maintains roads in:
    • all French Overseas Departments and Regions (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Mayotte, Reunion Island) and in the Indian Ocean (Madagascar, Mauritius)
    • Africa (especially Morocco, West and Southern Africa) and the Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar)
    • Asia (Thailand), Australia and New Caledonia
    • Latin America: Peru and Chile

03 A wide range of expertise

  • Repaving roads on Highway A1 between Bardonnex and Bernex in Switzerland
  • Building the Tamarin road on Reunion Island
  • Renovating the runway at the Koné Airport in New Caledonia
  • Construction of the Buriram automobile racing circuit in Thailand
  • Repaving roads for the Tour de France cycling race in the French Alps
  • Repaving the I 520 Bobby Jones Highway in Georgia, USA

A wide range of expertise

As a leader in road construction and maintenance with 60,000 road projects a year, Colas builds and maintains a wide range of road infrastructure, in the broadest sense of term :

  • highways (e.g., construction of sections of the M25, M30 and M70 motorways in Hungary, widening of two sections of the D1 motorway in the Czech Republic, widening of a section of the M7 motorway in Ireland, paving of the median on a 70-km section of the A10 motorway in France, repairing and widening sections on Glenn Highway, Parks Highway and Haines Highway in Alaska, extension of Highways 401,404,407 in Canada)
  • roads (e.g., construction of the south-west ring road in Calgary, Canada, construction of a section of Route 47 in Hungary, reinforcement of roadways on the northern road in Côte d'Ivoire)
  • airport runways and parking areas (e.g., runway upgrading at Paris-Orly airport, Iqaluit airport in Nunavut, Keflavik Airport in Iceland, Anchorage Airport in Alaska, Nosy Be and Antananarivo Airports in Madagascar)
  • city streets, urban development and reserved-lane public transport (bus rapid transit, trams, subways) (e.g., construction of the northern section of the L2 ring road in Marseille, renovation and maintenance of roads in the center of London, building of bus rapid transit lanes in Aix-en-Provence, Lens, Pau, Nouméa, Calgary, extension, construction and refurbishment of trams in Angers, Caen, Bordeaux, Grand Paris Express, Liège, Rabat, Birmingham; line 2 of the Rennes metro and extension of line 14 of the Paris metro)
  • Ports, industrial, logistic and retail hubs (e.g., extension of the port of Calais, construction of the Jaguar Land Rover plant in Slovakia)
  • recreational areas, bike paths, environmental amenities (retention ponds, landscaping)

Activities at the Road subsidiaries also encompass:

  • small-scale civil engineering and drainage projects often linked to roads, as well as more complex civil engineering structures forming part of comprehensive road and highway projects. [ex: construction of a number of engineering structures on the Tamarind Road in Reunion Island]
  • In some locations, on a more marginal scale, the Group’s building activity also comprises: convention building activity comprising new construction and rehabilitation of buildings carried out in the Greater Paris Area, as well as in the islands of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific, where this line of business represents an essential complement to the Roads segment and demolition-deconstruction of old buildings in France