The Railways business generated revenue of 1.0 billion euros in 2020, i.e., 9% of total Group revenue.

01 Railways


Colas’ railway business is operated via Colas Rail, a Colas company that arose from the merger of Seco-Rail acquired in 2000 and Spie Rail, acquired in 2007, and its subsidiaries. The segment was reinforced in 2018 by the acquisition of Alpiq catenaries. 

Colas Rail and its subsidiaries’ main strongholds are in France and in United Kingdom, but it also works in Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Chile, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Vietnam and Indonesia. 

The Railway business encompasses the following:

  • design and engineering of large complex railway projects
  • the construction, renewal, and maintenance of rail networks (high-speed lines, conventional lines, trams, metros), including laying and maintenance of tracks, electrification (catenary systems, electrical substations), signaling and security systems and specific works: cranes, special junctions, tunnels
  • a rail freight business (transporting aggregates for the Group's subsidiaries but also other goods for private customers)

In order to successfully operate in this sector, Colas Rail boasts a vast equipment fleet (locomotives, cars, track laying and maintenance units, fast track replacement units and more).

Here are some examples of recently completed projects and projects in progress:

  • construction of the Nîmes-Montpellier high speed rail bypass, construction of overhead lines on the new Brittany-Pays de Loire LGV high speed train line, construction of LGV Tangiers-Kenitra high speed train line in Morocco
  • track renewal and network maintenance as part of long-term contracts in Great Britain
  • construction and/or extension of tramways in the cities of Angers, Bordeaux, Lyon, Paris Region, Besançon, Valenciennes, Clermont-Ferrand, Reims , Grenoble, Toulouse, Tours, Le Mans, Marseille in France, Birmingham in the UK, Rabat & Casablanca in Morocco
  • extension of line 14 of the Paris Metro, and line 2 of the Rennes Metro in France, construction of metro line 2 in Los Teques, Venezuela, construction of lines 3 and 6 on the Santiago, Chile metro, extension of line 1 on the Algiers, Algeria metro, extension of line 3 on the Cairo, Egypt metro, line 3 on the Hanoi, Vietnam light rail, Jakarta, Indonesia light rail