Expansion in Europe

Colas expanded out into Europe in the 1990s. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the Group acquired companies in the countries of the former Eastern bloc: in Hungary, Romania and in the Czech Republic. A Central Europe division was created in 1992. In 1995, the Group’s position got stronger when an agreement was signed with Shell to make Colas the exclusive owner of the Colas brand worldwide. The European subsidiaries flying the Colas flag joined the Group: Austria, United Kingdom, Denmark and Ireland.

Acquisition of Sacer and Screg

In France, Colas strengthened its core business by acquiring the road specialists Sacer (1992) and Screg (1996), creating a leading road construction and maintenance network with dense coverage across the country. Sacer and Screg subsidiaries continued to operate under their brand names, thus preserving their strong corporate identity and culture, up to 2013 when the three brands merged into a single Colas brand.


New activities: networks and waterproofing

In 1993, Colas acquired Spac (Société Parisienne de Canalization), created in 1954 and initially specialized in water pipes. Through the years, the company enriched its activities and became a leader in water and energy networks. The company Smac Acieroïd, specialized in waterproofing, joined the Colas Group in 1999.

Creation of the Colas Foundation

Founded in 1992, the Colas Foundation seeks to promote works of art on the theme of the road.