First stock market launch

The Société Routière Colas (SRC) was listed on the French Stock Exchange in 1961. The Raveau-Cartier group put up a major part of its stake in the public offering but still held a majority stake of 50.1%.

First steps in North America

In 1962, the Société Routière Colas (SRC) set its sights on Canada. The company took full control of the Québec-based company Fabi Ltd, in 1963. In 1967, SRC consolidated its Canadian subsidiaries into the Société d’Investissements et de Travaux (Sintra Ltd ), establoshed in Montréal.

New Colprochape® road surfacing

1960 saw the development of Colprochape®. This video shows the different stages to produce this new road surfacing.


New line of business: quarries

SRC began developing its quarry business in the 1960s. The challenge was to secure supply when the aggregate market became tense. The company bought a stake in the capital of two French companies that manage quarries. The business was new for Colas, and will become full-fledged segment in the future.